Final course business…

Dear Class!

By now you all should have emailed me your revisions of Essay 3 along with any other missing work. Your finals were graded earlier this afternoon, and your final grades for the course should be available by December 26th at the latest – most likely much earlier than that. One final note: due to the disruptions associated with Hurricane Sandy, I had to adjust the grade breakdown. Here are the new percentages:

  • Essays and revisions – 45% (15% each)
  • In-class exercises, response papers, quizzes –5%
  • Class participation – 15%
  • “Hurricane Sandy” response/make-up – 5%
  • Departmental final exam – 30%

Thank you again for a great semester, good luck 

with any remaining finals, and have a pleasant as well as restful winter break! 




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