Tuesday/Friday Section: Power Outage at 199 Chambers on Tuesday, 11/20/12

As most of you probably know, due to a power outage at 199 Chambers, the building was closed from 7:30AM  until 1PM (when faculty and staff were told they would gain access). In effect, we lost another class session. I met and collected papers from five students in the Tuesday/Friday section. In order to get credit for the assignment, the rest of you in the Tuesday/Friday section should drop off your original drafts along with the typed up versions in my mailbox in the English Department by 2PM tomorrow. You should also look at my post from yesterday afternoon and complete the Theroux handout (due Tuesday, 11/27) and perhaps get a head start on the Wolf handout (due Friday, 11/30). (See the revised syllabus.) These texts are challenging, so please read them more than once, annotate them carefully, and be ready to discuss them in class next week! 

Also, I am thinking about holding a make-up session Friday 11/30/12 at 12 noon. Please let me know next week in class if you would be able to stay for an hour after our morning class.


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