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Tuesday/Friday Section: Power Outage at 199 Chambers on Tuesday, 11/20/12

As most of you probably know, due to a power outage at 199 Chambers, the building was closed from 7:30AM  until 1PM (when faculty and staff were told they would gain access). In effect, we lost another class session. I met and collected papers from five students in the Tuesday/Friday section. In order to get credit for the assignment, the rest of you in the Tuesday/Friday section should drop off your original drafts along with the typed up versions in my mailbox in the English Department by 2PM tomorrow. You should also look at my post from yesterday afternoon and complete the Theroux handout (due Tuesday, 11/27) and perhaps get a head start on the Wolf handout (due Friday, 11/30). (See the revised syllabus.) These texts are challenging, so please read them more than once, annotate them carefully, and be ready to discuss them in class next week! 

Also, I am thinking about holding a make-up session Friday 11/30/12 at 12 noon. Please let me know next week in class if you would be able to stay for an hour after our morning class.


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Some images of masculinity & femininity to think about when reading Theroux and Wolf

You may want to read up on first-, second-, and third-wave feminism to understand Wolf’s essay better.  Here is a brief article outlining the history of the feminist movement:

Also, you can read my book review of Sisterhood, Interrupted: From Radical Women to Grrls Gone Wild by Deborah Siegel, a recent book on the history of feminism: 2007_Sisterhood Interuppted_Alter_ Intro (this review appeared in the June/July 2007 edition of Small Spiral Notebook).

Here are, moreover, some images to think about. We will be looking at these in class.

Times’ 100 Most Influential People of 2012:,28804,2111975_2111976_2111953,00.html

Forbes’ Most Powerful People:

“The Real Barbie” as a Paragon of Femininity?

When brainstorming about the social constructs of femininity and masculinity (which change through time and vary from culture to culture), you could search Google Images for “femininity” and “masculinity.” What do these images have in common? In what significant ways do they differ?



Here is another example to consider: Theroux says about women writers that they “or rather [their] publicists–must prove [their] motherhood.” Does this apply to female celebrities, as well? Jada Pinkett-Smith had to defend her parenting skills when her daughter Willow shaved her head and explain why she “let” Willow do that. Do you see any parallels here with Wolf and what she says about women’s rights to their own bodies?


When Paul Theroux talks about the President sporting cowboy clothes, he is referring to Ronald Reagan (“Being a Man” was published in 1983). What do these photos suggest about the leader of the US in the 1980s?  Sid this image change in the ’90s?  In more recent years?  How so?

* * *

Some more data to consider:

In “To Tell or Not to Tell? How does culture impact corporate disclosure of non-financial metrics?,” Anthony J. Culpepper and J. Goosby Smith (Graziadio Business Review 10.3 [2007]), produce the following graph comparing the dominance of masculinity among different nations. Do Culpepper and Goosby’s data support Theroux’s argument? Are there any other factors at play here?


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Paul Theroux and Naomi Wolf Assignments (Terms and People)

Please fill these out completely. A sentence (or two) for each entry should suffice; in some cases, you may just provide a more familiar synonym.

No need to print these out – I will provide hard copies in class.

Terms from Theroux (PDF) – due Tuesday 11/27 or Wednesday 11/28

Terms from Theroux (Word)

english-101-terms-for-wolf-fa2012(PDF) – due Friday 11/30

english-101-terms-for-wolf-fa2012 (Word)

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Precis for “Write My Essay, Please!” and Final Exam Readings

I have combined your individual group responses into a complete precis of Gunderman’s essay. The file contains the work of both sections (with minor edits): Gunderman précis

Here are links to the final exam readings in case you need them. I might still have some extra copies.

We will start discussing Theroux this coming Tuesday/Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) and pick up after our brief recess the following week.

Please do not forget that you must submit a typed up, edited copy of your in-class practice exam along with the original this coming  Tuesday/Wednesday. If, for some reason, you cannot make it to class next week, you need to drop these off in my mailbox in the English Department (N720) before 1PM on Wednesday 11/21/12.

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YouTube Clips by Naomi Wolf and Paul Theroux

The following may be interesting to you as you start to work on Wolf and Theroux (for your final exam). There is much more to explore on YouTube where both authors are well-represented.

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Practice Final Exam this Friday, November 16th, 2012

Just a reminder that you will have an in-class essay/practice for the final examination this Friday. You must bring your texts (Orwell, Douglass, and Lamott) along with the essay questions. No electronic devices, including iPads, iPhones, and Kindles, will be allowed this time, so make sure you print out and annotate your sources. Paper dictionaries are acceptable.

The second essay revision is also due Friday.

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Reading for Tuesday/Wednesday 11/13-11/14/12

Above is a working link to the essay, “Write My Essay, Please!” The previous one was not working.

Also, here is the PDF in case the link still does not work: Write My Essay

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