Final course business…

Dear Class!

By now you all should have emailed me your revisions of Essay 3 along with any other missing work. Your finals were graded earlier this afternoon, and your final grades for the course should be available by December 26th at the latest – most likely much earlier than that. One final note: due to the disruptions associated with Hurricane Sandy, I had to adjust the grade breakdown. Here are the new percentages:

  • Essays and revisions – 45% (15% each)
  • In-class exercises, response papers, quizzes –5%
  • Class participation – 15%
  • “Hurricane Sandy” response/make-up – 5%
  • Departmental final exam – 30%

Thank you again for a great semester, good luck 

with any remaining finals, and have a pleasant as well as restful winter break! 




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Essay 3 Revision Deadline Extended

On account of the disruptions created by Hurricane Sandy as well as the power outage at BMCC earlier this month, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for your third revision until Thursday. Please either leave a hard copy in my faculty mailbox in the English Dept (N720) or email me your revision (both copy/pasted into the body of the email AND as a Word or PDF attachment) by 12 noon on Thursday, January 20.

Work submitted after that time will not be accepted.

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Final Assignment This Fall Semester

I wanted to clarify the final assignment for the course because I had to rush through it at the end of class. It will be discussed in class this Friday in the Wednesday/Friday class (which will meet in Fiterman 404 at 1pm on a Wednesday schedule) and Tuesday the 18th for the Tuesday/Friday people.

1) Choose a short poem, song lyric, or prose passage that appeals to you. Your poetry selection should be no fewer than 4 and no more than 12 lines; the prose should be no fewer than 1 and no more than 3 paragraphs long. 

2) Write a paragraph (up to 1 page) about what this poem means as well as what it means to you. If it is an excerpt from a longer piece, make sure you give a very brief summary of the whole work. After one or two introductory statements (including the author’s name and the title of your chosen text), focus on a single image, idea, or phrase, and analyze it — paying close attention to the ideas, symbolism, or philosophy it suggests and explaining what that means to you.

3) You will send me both the text (just the lines/passage you are considering, not the whole thing) AND your paragraph by email. Please copy/paste it into the body of your email AND as an attachment in either Word or PDF format.

Wednesday people: this is due by the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday).

Tuesday people: this is due by the end of the day on Monday, the 17th.

My email is 

You can choose any text you like on any subject you like, but please make sure it is of appropriate language and content (i.e., that it does not consist exclusively of profanities, is not discriminatory in tone, and does not promote violence or hatred).

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Assignment for Next Week & Revision of Essay 3

Please don’t forget to read Gary Gutting’s NYT article for next week and bring in your one-paragraph reaction to his argument.

Those of you who would like to rewrite your in-class practice exam essay (Essay 3), can do so provided you submit your revision no later than the last day of class: Tuesday, December 18, 2012. The revision has to be in my faculty mailbox in the English Dept. (room N720) by 1PM that day.

Here are the questions in case you have misplaced them:

Please note that, due to scheduling changes in the wake of Sandy, the Tuesday class meets next week on Tuesday (11/12/12), and then again the following Tuesday (11/18/12). Note that we do not meet on Friday. Both classes are at noon and are 50 minutes long.

The Wednesday class will meet twice next week, on Wednesday (11/12/12) and Friday (11/14/12). Both classes meet at 1PM and are 50 minutes long.

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A Clip from Mad Men – Betty Talks about Her Perfect Life

The show is set in the early ’60s, but captures the cultural milieu of the ’50s. It is an interesting companion to Wolf’s “The Beauty Myth” and shows you what Betty Friedan and other feminists were fighting against.

Also, if you are still missing the final exam readings, here they are. See you all Friday! Please remember to bring your annotated copies and paper dictionaries; no electronic devices are allowed in the classroom. The exam is 90 minutes long.

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Grammar Workshop Tomorrow (Thursday 12/6/12)

Grammar Workshop Tomorrow (Thursday 12/6/12)

If you are on campus, please consider attending this workshop at 4PM.

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December 5, 2012 · 10:42 PM

Tuesday/Friday Section: Power Outage at 199 Chambers on Tuesday, 11/20/12

As most of you probably know, due to a power outage at 199 Chambers, the building was closed from 7:30AM  until 1PM (when faculty and staff were told they would gain access). In effect, we lost another class session. I met and collected papers from five students in the Tuesday/Friday section. In order to get credit for the assignment, the rest of you in the Tuesday/Friday section should drop off your original drafts along with the typed up versions in my mailbox in the English Department by 2PM tomorrow. You should also look at my post from yesterday afternoon and complete the Theroux handout (due Tuesday, 11/27) and perhaps get a head start on the Wolf handout (due Friday, 11/30). (See the revised syllabus.) These texts are challenging, so please read them more than once, annotate them carefully, and be ready to discuss them in class next week! 

Also, I am thinking about holding a make-up session Friday 11/30/12 at 12 noon. Please let me know next week in class if you would be able to stay for an hour after our morning class.

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